Sunday, January 20, 2008

14 weeks to your first 14er

Learn from a pro

How is your New Year?
Have you set some goals?
Did you write them down?

Some of my goals for 2008 involve improving my training techniques and giving to others. When people ask me for training advice I am always happy to share with them techniques and systems that have worked well for me.

One thing I’ve learned is that seeking outside advice is imperative for improving and achieving success. For example, Mark Twight recently shared with me the fact that he trains more than 500 hours a year. He re-iterated what I have always thought, that there is “no magic bullet” to endurance training. One must be disciplined and put in the hours of training, if one seeks to excel. Thanks Mark. That little pearl of insight into your training gave me a boost toward continuing with my plan for 2008.

Recently, a woman approached me after our Core Power Yoga class. She was intrigued and completely fascinated with learning more about how I balance working ~50 hours a week, motherhood, and training more than 500 hours a year. She was wondering how she might do this and begin to train for her first 14er. (I was a bit baffled and taken by surprise that someone would ask me to create a specific training program for climbing 14ers.) This woman suggested I share some of my 14er training tips on this blog.

Ok….in the spirit of "giving more" here goes…….you can get ready for a 14er in just 14 weeks. This week involves getting ready to set your 14er intention….your assignment is:
1. observe how you physically, emotionally, and mentally spend your time
2. organize/clean your house and get it in order
3. sleep more than usual each night so that by next week you are refreshed and waking up each morning feeling absolutely yummy

Have a great week all!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Going the Distance

Happy New Year all!

"Only those who will risk
going too far
can possibly find out
how far they can go."
~T.S. Eliot

2008 is off to a great start as we've been adventuring throughout Colorado and more! Laughing, loving, learning it was a wonderful gift to spend much uninterrupted time with my daughter over the past month. Her exhuberance for skiing and exploring reminded me to pay attention to the little's what matters.

Children seem to know that "going the distance" is possible and achieveable without taking themselves too seriously. An important lesson, no matter what one is undertaking or striving to accomplish.

Your assignment for this week is..........risk going too far.