Monday, February 4, 2008

Week 1 of 14: Ready, Set, Go

Climbing up to the summit of a 14,000+ peak is an achievable goal for most everyone. It just takes the right attitude, some fitness, mental toughness, a few pieces of gear and a willingness to have fun!

Learn as much as possible about the 14er you want to climb. The Internet has loads of great beta on routes, gear, and more. Two popular web sites are 14erworld and Check 'em out for the latest on gear, 14er-isms, route info and more.

Over the next 14 weeks, we’ll focus on “training”. Tweak these workouts as needed. They are not a substitute for commonsense. This is a work in-progress and the first time I have embarked on a project of this sort for an online audience.

If you followed through on the assignment from January, then you’ve observed where your energy flows, or is stuck, in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Observe any changes in these areas as you begin to put your training into motion.

Congratulations if your house is perhaps a bit less cluttered and you feel rested. Having a comfortable organized home environment reduces stress and will support your training. Sleep, the almighty sleep. Remember to continue to get plenty of sleep in order to recover from your workouts.

Set Your Intention
Write down your goal. For me, I prefer to use BIG note cards to write out my goals. For example, you might write something like:

On or before July 15, 2008 I climb Mt. Wilson quickly and easily with two friends who share my passion for the outdoors.

Be as clear as possible in setting your intention. Be sure to include a date and what you want to feel while climbing the mountain.

The cool thing about setting your intention is that it’s your own personal beeswax, so you can make it whatever you want it to be. After writing your intention, say it out load. This affirms your intention and in a sense programs your energy fields (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) readying them for your upcoming adventure. There are probably people at Harvard who have done scientific research on the power of language.

Week One Training
NOTE: As for physical workouts, I am assuming a novice climber, or someone without a base level of physical activity.
1. Each morning read your 14er intention out loud.
2. Wearing a 10 lb backpack, walk 3 days this week for 30 minutes. You should be able to carry on a conversation during your walks. For weight in your backpack, you can use clothes, gear, plastic milk jugs filled with water or something else. Be creative and have fun.
3. Do some basic stretching 2 times this week. It can be on the same days as your walk or on other days.

Have a great week!