Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

While climbing at Pool Wall in Ouray last month, Michael Gilbert, Gary Ryan, and Lisa inspired me to go for the “Jillywray Traverse”.

Gary is training for some climbing in the Czech Republic later this year. He is a gifted free soloist. His climbs in the Czech Republic will be done barefoot on sketch gear. Watching him run up Annie’s Arête in his bare feet was surreal. Michael put up this climb and named it after his former wife – Annie Whitehouse (that’s Annapurna Annie). Watching Michael cruise the climb was equally impressive. He climbed it first and then we all took a wack at it.

While Gary and I were soaking in the Orvis Hotsprings, we talked a bit about our projects for this year. The power and commitment he has for free soloing was simply amazing – that guy is dialed!

As I get out more frequently….I’ll post some trip reports here. I still have a long way to go and much recon work to do in preparation for my own projects.

Whether you’re working on something special this year, or just kicking back and being “chill” – pull down hard and climb up high!