Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Interview: Person-to-Person with Joanne Bradbury

Two years ago I began a still unfinished film that explores the roles and qualities of dance partners and climbing partners.

“Sudden Partnering” is my ongoing project that explores the various dimensions of partnering. To date, most of my interview subjects have been climbers, mountaineers, and dancers. But, that list is rapidly expanding.

The project has taken on a life of its own and beginning today, I’ll begin to publish interviews and film clips on this blog.

So here it is, the first in a series of Person-to-Person “Sudden Partnering” interviews. Thanks to my friend Joanne Bradbury for agreeing to be interviewed.

Q: Based on your highly acclaimed career and years of dance, what is the thing you like most about dance?

A: “The thing I like most about dance I would say is the complete freedom of mind and body to let go of everything in the outside world and be 'me', expressing all my inner feelings through interpretation of dance movements. Being able to interpret rhythm and movement in different styles of music and telling a story with my body and letting go of any stress or problems and enjoying the freedom of movement and the passion inside of me. It doesn't matter who we are in day to day life, you can just let go and become someone completely different loosing all inhibitions and setting yourself free.”

Q: Do you think dance is a mere form of physical expression, or something more?

A: “Dance is definitely more than physical, once you set yourself free and let yourself go it all comes from within, then you are really dancing. A true smile does not start from your face but from deep in your heart! A true dancer does not start by just moving her/his arms or legs but from a burning passion from deep within.”

Q: Given that your husband is an athlete - do you find similarities between your dance teaching and his guiding?

A: “I think that there are similarities between teaching dance and guiding as we are both giving to our students an ability to better their chosen activity. They always feel great afterwards and we both feel rewarded in doing so. You form a special bond, it is not like a teacher at school where you are forced to go, it is a choice and therefore you are fulfilling a dream somehow and helping them move forward in their chosen path.”

Q: I understand that you climb in addition to dance. Do you have any opinions on the qualities of a good climbing partner compared with the qualities of a good dance partner?

A: “A good climbing partner is someone you trust as they have your life in their hands some how. It is a partnership of encouragement and support and complete trust. As for dance the forms of dance I do, I don't need a partner I can just put on a piece of music and let my body move to the rhythm. It is always good to have a group of dancers and watch and admire the different ways in which people interpret the music is you can learn so much from just watching and growing your passion.”

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