Sunday, July 8, 2007

General Mills, Corporate Group Hike

General Mills, Corporate Group Hike
Alberta Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park
2 miles RT, 160 ft elevation gain

My position with the Colorado Mountain School includes guiding up in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Recently, I had the honor of guiding some General Mills executives on a hike in RMNP. Our walk followed a delightful trail through shimmering aspens crossing over several mountain streams leading up to scenic Alberta Falls.

This corporate group was as diverse as it gets with representation from many disciplines including finance, marketing, R&D, sales and logistics. These professionals hailed from far away places such as Argentina, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, France, and Spain. Their stateside colleagues traveled here from Miami, New York and Minneapolis.

It was a pleasure to share “my park” with them along with its rich history and mountain lore. They in turn, shared bits of themselves with me. It was a total hoot to learn about the traveling Pillsbury Dough Boy. Employees take this chubby icon to exotic locales and take pictures of him, for upload on the company’s Intranet.

After they whipped him out of a backpack and impaled him on the Alberta Falls sign, how could I resist snagging a pic?

Visit the General Mills web site for information on their latest products.
Cheers, ~jilly