Monday, July 2, 2007

Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids

Not since performing in Ping Chong’s, The Angels of Swedenborg, have I felt the excitement of opening night at the theatre.

This Thursday, July 5th Alison opens in the cast of Oliver. There is much excitement in our family and her grandmother is flying in from Dallas for this special occasion.

Alison has been working diligently during rehearsals. As a parent, it’s always awesome to watch your child thrive and indeed she is thriving by spending so much time surrounded by her theatrical family!

The Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids runs a professional program. Their summer schedule includes three productions and Alison has been cast in all three shows. As the budding actors hone their craft, they devote their attention to a number of areas. These include:

Set design
Stage management
And more!

With three performances of Oliver this weekend, I’ll be going big inside a dark theater – while my daughter is going big, acting on stage.

For show dates and times, please visit Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids