Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sudden Partnering: Palomas Peak Interviews Vol 2

This brief clip hints at new views on partnering, including the wind and a couple of butterflys that literally flew in during one of the interviews.

Thanks to Jim Dennis for his friendship and support. Early in my climbing career he spent endless hours climbing with me on the classic alpine routes in the Sandia Mountains. His generosity and patience directly influenced my alpine interests and continue to do so today. Jim is a man of great courage. Shortly, after filming him, he donated a kidney to his son.

Thanks also go out to Dave Wheeler for all the times we climbed together and for making Sugarloaf's "Chickenhead Ranch" pitch so much fun. Many years ago, Dave and his comrades were the third team to successfully summit Mt Blackburn. His stories always make me laugh and I continue to be inspired by his accomplishments both in the mountains and in the chemistry lab.

Special thanks to Karen Schmeige for always opening her home to an endless traveler, sharing her wisdom, and always being there…where ever there is. Cheers, ~jilly