Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little Matterhorn (11, 586 ft), RMNP

Little Matterhorn (11, 586 ft) via SW ridge.
From Bear Lake TH
8.4 miles roundtrip
2, 136 elevation gain
Indie Girls: Jill Salva, Karen Edwards, Lisa Foster

The Little Matterhorn is reached via the Fern-Odessa Trail or from the Tourmaline Gorge. We choose the Fern-Odessa Trail because it provides ample opportunity to scope Grace Falls and Guides Wall; home to fine winter ice routes.

With a slight nip in the air punctuated by strong wind gusts, we hiked to Lake Helene catching up on each other’s latest adventures. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

Traveling underneath Notchtop we wove around to the Little Matterhorn SW slope. Just below the moraine we began our ascent of talus…..heading straight for the stoneman.

Few people know that there exists an entire tribe of stonemen up in the park. This particular one watches us as we weave our way up to the SW ridge. Here we barley advert being blown off our feet as we scramble to the summit. The winds were howling. After a short break on top, we motored back down.

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Another great day in the park. Cheers, ~jilly