Sunday, October 14, 2007

Argentine Tango: The Heart of Dance

Recently, I met and took dance classes with Argentine Tango artists Deb Sclar and Brian Dunn of Dance of the Heart. Naturally I was a bit nervous arriving at their studio for the first time. Would I be an utter clod tripping over my partner’s toes? Would it be safe to yield myself to American men as dance partners? Would it be ok for me to be smart and attractive at the same time? Would they laugh at my film project?

Much to my surprise, I did more than survive the evening. I met wonderful people, made genuine connections, and was accepted as a filmmaker. Learning the Tango basics, I also discovered the art of Tango resides as much inside yourself, as it does within your partner. The key to Tango is your heart connection…..can you go there?

For such an uptight society, (in the US) it’s a miracle there are any Tango dancers at all. To walk into a studio, meet new people, and instantly heart connect with them – wow! I dare all of you to try it! It’s a rare and yummy experience, like no other.

For a decade, Deb and Brian have Tangoed their way around the world. These two embody the beauty of Tango itself. Watching them together is like witnessing two people melt into, through, and around one another.

To learn more about Deb and Brian check out their web site at Dance of the Heart.