Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pay it Forward

Since Daylight Saving Time ended today, we decided to commemorate that occasion by working on our inventions. (and if someone ever invents a way to actually “save time” – that’s gonna be a phenomenal day indeed!)

Wow….so much has happened since my earlier blog post on inventing. Thanks to Julia Rhodes, President of KleenSlate concepts who contacted me and offered words of encouragement along with useful advice. She worked with her son on her inventions, which are now found in Office Depot and Staples.

Julia “Paid it Forward” by doing this good deed for me. In a society where moms have endless opportunities – it was exciting to receive support from a successful inventor.

Contrary to popular belief, moms work hard, are responsible, intelligent, creative and active inventors. We not only have to be role models for our children, we have to be strong role models for ourselves. Julia’s suggestions were just what Alison and I needed to take our project to the next level.

Visit Julia’s web site at

Happy inventing….cheers ~jilly
PS. I have been experimenting lately with my blog posts. According to the visitor log, the topic of inventing is as popular as my trip reports. Would you like to see a separate blog dedicated to athletic/mountaineering topics and then another one covering other topics?