Saturday, March 29, 2008

Luna Sport Energy Chews

Many distance athletes eat on the run. For long days mountaineering, my preference is for real foods like pizza, Italian sub sandwiches, apples, Salmon Jerky and Cornish hens. However, when moving full throttle (like trail slogging), it’s difficult to eat something heavy and then resume running.

On long mileage days, I’ve been relying on fruit, chocolate and Clif Shot Bloks – which I refer to as “Snot Bloks”. The great thing about Bloks is that they are easy to digest and the flavors are tolerable.

Now, Luna is getting into the act. The blueberry flavored Luna Sport Moons, trump the Clif Shot Bloks. As the name suggests, Luna Moons are moon shaped chews. These are the texture of gummy bears. Being smaller than the Clif Shot Bloks is an advantage, because they are easier to eat while running.

There is a statement on the package front that reads, “Nutrition for Women Athletes”. Mmmm…gender based nutrition sounds like marketing to me. According to the packaging on the back, these chews contain the antioxidant vitamins A, C & E in significant amounts.

My understanding is that men need these antioxidant vitamins as well. So whether you’re a guy or gal, checkout the blueberry Luna Sport Moons. In an already over crowded goo, gel and Blok market there’s definitely room for the Luna Sport Moons.