Thursday, August 28, 2008

Longs Peak, Keyhole Route

School might be in session but don’t tell that to Longs Peak. People are playing hooky from work and school in order to scale this mountain. Conditions are great and the Keyhole route has returned to non-technical status. Although another large storm could change things quickly, climbers continue to hedge their bets and set their sights on the summit of Longs Peak at 14, 259 feet.
Jim and Alex Ritter were all smiles when I met them at 1 am for our recent ascent of Longs. More than half-way through the trip this father-son duo from Omaha, Nebraska were still beaming as we passed below one of the well-known bulls-eye markers.
These men put in a strong effort, achieving a new personal altitude record. Congratulations Jim and Alex! Way to go!