Monday, October 20, 2008

Cross Training with Vinyasa Flows

Are you looking to spice up your winter cross-training? Have you tried vinyasa flows? Vinyasa flows are synchronized breath-to-movement sequences. While a bit outside of the box for more traditional sports training; yoga’s restorative, strengthening and balancing powers may just be the ticket for your next onsite or uber-mountain loop.

After my encounter with the mountain lion earlier this year, I took a long break from solo night running. Road running was a poor substitute for the rejuvenating affects of traveling with complete abandon under the stars. So I mostly gave up night running……(for a while).

Looking back, I tried to analyze what it was exactly that appealed to me about night running and why had I come to rely upon its medicine. After introspection, it became obvious……two key elements had fueled the driving force behind my night running addiction.

1. The ability to more completely control my breath
2. The ability to more completely control my thoughts

For me, these are also the two key elements of a yoga vinyasa flow.

After experimenting with a summertime of vinyasa flows (instead of epic hours running) my results have been dramatic. These postures have vastly strengthened my nervous system and improved my overall clarity and sense of well-being. So much, that yesterday I set a personal record when out ticking a few summits. The technical terrain literally “flowed” beneath me.

Prior to entrenchment on my yoga mat, I would not have guessed its impact would be so profound on my technical climbing and overall cardiovascular fitness. If you’ve never tried vinyasa flows, I highly recommend them as a training aid for:

+ improving flexibility
+ strengthening your nervous system
+ calming the mind (say goodbye to your monkey brain)
+ opening your heart
+ releasing the residue of old gunky emotions that, more often than not, get deeply embedded within our bodies causing dis-harmony and dis-ease

Please feel free to contact me with questions, or for customized training support. Whether your goal is to hike your first 14er or get into technical climbing, I’m always happy to assist you in attaining those goals.

Have a great week all!