Friday, May 11, 2007

Trip Report: Dreamweaver Attempt

Dreamweaver – Attempt
May 10, 2007

I’d been looking forward to getting up on Dreamweaver, an alpine route on Mt Meeker, for some time. With lots of snow up in Rocky Mountain National Park, I had “guide beta” that the route was likely a snow climb.

Unfortunately, my climbing partner was unable to sneak away from the office and join me. So I decided on a solo attempt.

Setting my alarm for 2:30 am, I hit the snooze button many times. Enough times that I arrived at the Longs Peak trailhead at the SLACKER LATE HOUR of 5:45 am!

Hoping to salvage something out of the day, I decided to at least hump the gear up the hill and take a look at the mighty and aesthetically pleasing Dreamweaver.

Reaching Chasm Junction at 7:30 am, I took some time to survey the terrain/route. There was sloughing from the Loft.....enough to get my attention. With all that moving snow, Dreamweaver looked big and intimidating to me. I proceeded to approach Chasm Lake BUT in about 1/4 mile there was considerable sloughing across the trail. I could hear lots of water running underneath the snow and my ice axe sunk in without resistance.

Within minutes Mount Lady Washington spit off rock and ice which made a crashing sound as it tumbled down the slope. That sealed the deal for me and I promptly turned around – leaving Dreamweaver for another day.

As I walked back toward Chasm Junction, Big Horn Sheep flanked me on both sides. Big Horn Sheep symbolize a “seeking of new beginnings”. They tell us to assert ourselves in new beginnings. “When the ram shows up, it will teach you to bring forth the powers of the mind and imagination and use them to seek out new heights and new adventures.” (Animal Speak, pg 308 by Ted Andrews)

Click here for pics of Dreamweaver, Longs Peak, and Sheep.