Monday, May 14, 2007

Care and Feeding of Mountain Climbers

Loved ones are often challenged to understand and support their mountain climbing friends and family members.

Key point to remember => Climbing is a highly creative process, no different than screenplay writing, painting, dancing, cooking or composing music.

The following recipe will help you achieve sanity and success while living with and loving your mountain climber.

1. Allow for ample air and light
2. Love them even when they withdraw
3. Believe

First, allow room for your mountain climber to receive ample air and light. That means they will be outside up in the mountains for long periods of time exploring the environment. It does not mean they do not love you. Rather, they are vibrating on the same frequency as the rocks. They are driven to go and be “in their element” in order to stay charged and happy. It’s an energy thing.

Second, love them fully when they withdraw. Planning, discipline, long hours of research and studying maps are the prerequisites for pushing new grades and birthing mountain climber projects. This does not mean your mountain climber does not love you. It simply means your climber is preparing to go and vibrate on the same frequency as the rocks and thus must prepare accordingly. It’s an energy thing.

Third, B-E-L-I-E-V-E. Believe in your mountain climber’s dreams and objectives. Sharing in their aspirations will enhance your relationship. What goes around comes around. It’s an energy thing.