Monday, July 30, 2007

Poi Fire Dancers: Sudden Partnering

About two years ago, I began to take interest in film making again. At that time, many themes were converging in my life and the topic of partnering captured my attention.

Climbing and dancing are activities that I thoroughly enjoy, each requiring partners. Whenever I have a great day out climbing or fun swishing across the dance floor there is a certain essence within me. That feeling is “sudden partnering” it is as if all things are aligned properly and my full being becomes a breathe of air.

It is as if I am light as a feather and joyful……as if I have reached full nirvana. And so I became curious as to what others experience when they partner.

I have interviewed many dancers and climbers on this topic. Today is the first time my work is shared online. What do you think about it?

Over the course of two years, I have become a skillful interviewer. These earlier interviews make me cringe when I see them and the manner in which I was working with my subjects… film making partners.

The following link shows Poi Fire Dancers, Kris and Amy Kurey. I hung out with them on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.