Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Trip Report, McHenrys Peak (13,327)

Trip Report: McHenrys Peak (13,327)
Southeast Ridge - solo
From Glacier Gorge Trailhead
~14 miles RT
~4,500 feet elevation gain
8 hours RT

Up early and out the door – enroute to my park. Early on, two fat bunnies hopped across the trail. These were the biggest bunnies I’ve ever seen. Near Black Lake a large, brownish marten sauntered onto the trail, stopped and stared at me…point blank…with an expression that seemed to say…what are you doing up here?

Up, up, up into the large and empty Glacier Gorge basin. I heard one party on Spearhead but couldn’t see them. Up, up, on the granite rubble, I worked my way across the lunar landscape; feeling small and fragile within the vastness of this place.

Looking upward at my Stone Man…..I slipped deep into thought about my personal business plan, Jilly Inc. Ascending steadily, I climbed up, up, up mixing class 2, 3, & 4 moves together. One can pick their line and do as they please while dancing up the rock to McHenrys summit. This is what I like about going big and hanging it out in the park. There is an endless array of options.

After spending some time on the summit, taking in the scale and beauty of where I was, I started my descent….deep in thought. The word recreation swirled in my head. Late last week, it occurred to me….for the first time…that this word means to re-create. How brilliant in its simplicity! We “recreate” to “re-create”. What is it that we are all re-creating? We re-create our vibration, restoring it to its natural level…the one we come in with …. a vibration that is stress-free and joyful….a loving essence.