Monday, October 22, 2007

Bryan Pletta's Stone Age Climbing Gym

Over the weekend, there was a competition at Stone Age Climbing Gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the comp, Bryan's wife (Cristina) sprung a "surprise" tribute on recognition of all he has accomplished and contributed to the climbing community....and in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Stone Age Climbing Gym. Cristina asked me to write *something*. Below is the tribute I composed, which they read aloud as slides were projected on screen.

Tribute to Bryan
What a pleasure to know the magic that is John Bryan Pletta

Bryan truly embodies the best in excellence, community service, and friendship

Besides being a distinguished businessman, climber, and friend

He is a true gentleman

Some words that spring to mind when I think of him are:
Compassion, caring, community

And I should know because I’ve had the honor and privilege of sharing a rope with him while climbing throughout New Mexico, on Colorado 14ers and in Bolivia

A decade ago when Bryan had a dream for opening a climbing gym, many laughed
Bryan was not deterred
I believe he listened to an inner voice, one that is both gentle and strong
The voice of a dreamer and a visionary
The voice that guided him to where he is today
The voice of inspiration, truth, honesty, and beauty
The voice of stewardship for our public lands
The voice so many of us think about, yet few are brave enough to follow

Indeed as corny as it may sound, he is a role model for me
Looking at what he has accomplished, learning much from his modesty and generosity
Gave me the confidence to finally listen to my own inner voice, get real, and pursue a lifestyle that follows my own dreams.

When I decided that I would devote myself to being a mountain guide, many laughed
I was not deterred because I have a strong role model….Bryan
Today, I work for the Colorado Mountain School and the Boulder Rock Club
Listening to that inner voice

In the circle of life this has great significance because now my daughter sees the impact of how living your dreams affects, not only your own lifestyle, but also that of others. She will choose wisely and have the freedom to send her light out into the world

Like Bryan, she is a caring, compassionate, community-minded person, sending her light out into the world, helping others along the way, and staying connected with the beauty in our natural world.