Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mother-Daughter Inventors

If you’ve ever wondered what an inventor looks like – go to your bathroom and stare point-blank into the mirror.

There you have it.

Inventors are everyday people.

They are mountaineers, real estate investors, film producers, mothers and daughters; creative people whose ideas spark visions for solving a dilemma.

While reading a book about women inventors, we were particularly fascinated with Frances Gabe’s self-cleaning house. It is brilliant! Who the hell wants to spend time cleaning their house when they could be creating inventions or outside climbing/skiing?

Mother-daughter teams like Alison and I, spend hours in their makeshift studios pouring love into their ideas……inventing. With the autumn/winter season of shorter days and cooler temperatures, we find ourselves spending a bit more time inside. We often choose ‘inventing” as a past time. It draws us closer and facilitates sharing on many levels.

How many of you have dormant ideas stuck in your brain? Why not put some action into sharing those with the world?

Who knows….it may:
a.) Improve the quality of someone’s life
b.) Lead you to the love of your life
c.) Transform you into a self-made multi-millionaire
d.) All of the above!

You won’t know, if you don’t try.