Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Running Freedom

Two years ago, I started running as a way to deal with stress, often taking to backcountry trails at night. Immersing myself within the serenity of darkness, I’d often arrive at the end of my run without much memory of what I’d just accomplished. I'm hopelessly addicted to the laser focus required of night runs. It lets my mind go to amazing places. It’s during these times that ideas flow and the dreaming-of-things-into-reality takes place. Somehow it transforms me with a glow of newness. I call this state “running freedom”. In a sense, it’s a physical mechanism to release me from the bounds of this five senses world while remaining in it.

Last night, we ran in the mountains under the brilliant moonlight. Wearing my new shoes with fresh spikes made the outing extra fun as we cruised on top of crunchy snow and over scramblie rock sections!

On the way home we witnessed a fat fox running across the road, clamping a big fluffy bunny in its mouth. Running freedom.

What makes you feel free?