Sunday, December 2, 2007

Landscape Wonderland

“Once in his life a man ought to concentrate his mind upon the remembered earth. He ought to give himself up to a particular landscape in his experience; to look at it from as many angles as he can, to wonder upon it, to dwell upon it.

He ought to imagine that he touches it with his hands at every season and listens to the sounds that are made upon it.

He ought to imagine the creatures there and all the faintest motions of the wind. He ought to recollect the glare of the moon and the colors of the dawn and dusk.”

~N. Scott Momaday

As we prepare for our upcoming travels, the excitement seems to permeate all our activities. Today we each climbed hard. Alison worked some 5.10 routes. Then she spurred me up a 5.11+. With the right mindset, you can accomplish anything.

Have a great week all!