Monday, May 26, 2008

Birds, Birds, Everywhere!

This Spring I’ve noticed birds everywhere! Many have zoomed in front of me during trail runs and while out on climbs. One recent night I dreamt that I was flying. In the morning when I walked out the front door there were 12 feathers on the ground.

Some of the birds I’ve seen are: speedy Robins, sassy Blue Jays, lazy Magpies, riveting Ravens, stately Ospreys, solitary Sandhill Cranes, communities of Ducks, swooping Coopers’ Hawks, soaring Bald Eagles, stationary Redtail Hawks, preying Peregrine Falcons, wading Great Blue Herons and today scores of swooping Swallows.

While we were adventuring this afternoon, the sky grew dark and unleashed a deluge of large raindrops. The thunder vibrated in our chests, as we cruised around our favorite lake.

Gobs of Swallows zigzagged through trees, floating across the water. Dancing as they dove, gently grazing the water’s surface, they then quickly flew up, around, and through each other rhythmically creating an undulating three-dimensional pattern.

What were these birds doing? Whatever was going on, it sure looked fun! We laughed and smiled at their antics. Once home we read about the type of medicine the Swallow brings. Its keynote is “Protection and Warmth for the Home and Proper Perspective.” Pg 194 Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Have a good week all and may your dreams take flight!