Friday, July 4, 2008

July is Summer

Will the snows come early this year? Please, let it be so! When you look up the word “summer” in the dictionary, you should see a picture of a person with the word July stenciled on their sweaty forehead. That’s right, a close-up photo of a big forehead covered in teeny goblets of sweat!

With lowland temps hovering in the upper 90s, we decided on a grueling trail shuffle using this heat as a stressor… preparation for our projects later this year.

We both prefer cooler weather and were sweating like pigs even before leaving the trailhead. How does one train for the scorching heat of desert sands? Maybe djellabas would have kept us cooler than our tech fabric shirts and shorts. A cold beer would have been good.

Along the way we saw countless sub-alpine flowers and slews of flittering butterflies, flying ladybugs, and even a pack of ravens making throaty purr-like sounds as they surfed invisible thermals.

As we pounded down the last bit of the trail, a snake slithered out underneath my foot causing me to let out a loud, girlie scream!