Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guideology, Blurb #1

Note: This is the first installment in a blurb-series. This is my own original work of fiction.

Guide => someone who shows another “the way”.

Ology => “any science or branch of knowledge”

Few road trips start with a visit to a cemetery…or a battlefield for that matter. However, Meg knew the Little Bighorn Battlefield would be of interest to her clients. The day began with an early start. Driving at dawn along the winding county road, she suddenly stomped on the brakes, narrowly missing the fox.

At first glimpse the creature looked like an overgrown cat. Then as the approaching headlights illuminated two piercing eyes, the fox stood froze in the middle of the road just long enough to give Meg a scare.

Her heart racing, she slowly reached for the stereo knob and dialed down the volume. By now the fox had trotted to the side of the road and stood staring at the idling vehicle.

Meg turned her gaze directly toward this curious creature as she lowered the side window.

“Hey you”, she called gently. “Thanks for moving.” “Thanks for showing up today.”

Continuing down the road, Meg’s thoughts focused on the Fox and its medicine.

...to be continued.

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