Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The life of a mommie mountaineer

Lurking within a small subset of humanity is the league of mommie mountaineers. Some of us reach celebrity status such as Arlen Blum or the late Julie Tullis.

Us moms squeeze in a whole lotta living into our waking hours. Some of us work an office gig, while others dabble in the outdoor industry. We weave family time right next to workout time.

When we’re not out bagging peaks we still have fun and choose to do things like:

Sew superhero capes
Cook lasagna from scratch
Tutor our kids
Bandage a wounded cat
Organize an expedition
Hold a crying child
Give a warm hug
Say “I Love You”
Take a friend climbing
Create short videos
Eat chocolate for dinner
Carry someone’s backpack
Read topo maps
Wear girlie clothes
Host a slideshow
Take a rad roadtrip
Pray … run … dance … sing … shout … stretch … smile

Have fun and be safe out there.